The Book

Within the pages of this exclusive book you will find a selection of close up and parlour effects for the intermediate to advanced magician. It is split into four main sections- sleights and techniques, impromptu effects, non-card tricks, and set ups.

You’ll find new approaches to classic plots, entertaining presentations, and entirely new sleights alongside some lesser known ones where the originator has explicitly given approval for their inclusion. Each sleight which is explained is then used in one or more tricks that follow, allowing you the chance to practice the sleight in the context of a trick.

The Nine of Diamonds group consists of many regular attendees, eight of whom have contributed effects to the book. Throughout the volume you will also find noted some of the "Curse of Scotland" legends, leaving it to the reader's imagination to decide which, if any, they believe to be true.


Sleights and Techniques

  • Reguritator Revelation- a novel card revelation
  • Touch Reverse - unpublished Jack Parker move for switching and reversing a selected card
  • Angled Afterburner- Jason Alford's fantastic control
  • Plate Clip Displacement - method to displace a card in a spread on top of a deck to any location in the pack
  • FIRP- Gary Goldberg's obscure method of reversing a card during a faro shuffle
  • Popout Pass Revelation - a classic pass variation where a card pops out from the side of the deck
  • Third Finger Crease Grip - method for replacing breaks held in a small packet 
  • Fiend Stack - how much can you cram into a stacked deck  
  • Bart Harding Stack - details on the calculated deck of Bart Harding, courtesy of Alan Shaxon 
  • Himber Vanish Variation - clean vanish of a coin

OK Show Me Something

  • Jack's Departure from the Stage - convincing new approach to 'Point of Departure'
  • Amass Aces - a beautifully choreographed collectors routine
  • Regurgitator - two cards "barf up" a selection
  • Radical Decency - two Jokers visually transform into two selected cards
  • Still Smiling - a new handling of a Roy Walton classic
  • Frankenstein's Bunny - four beautiful assistants help find a lost pet rabbit

Minus 52

  • A Small Price to Pay - a coin trick with three perfect predictions
  • Quick n Dirty Three Fly - coins across routine based around a new sleight
  • Quick n Dirty Hanging Coins - you'll swear trick coins are used, but not so
  • Zen Stack - hailed as the very best stack using Zenner (ESP) Cards

Some Assembly Required

  • I Don’t Trost You - a spectator deals herself four Aces from a deck shuffled by multiple spectators
  • Buckley’s Angels - new take on an Arthur Buckley miracle that'll blow your audience away
  • Another Flippin’ collectors - a technicians approach to the Collectors plot
  • Sesame Street  - A version of "do as I do" that will leave a lasting memory in the spectators minds
  • Lazy Man's Memory Test - astounding performance piece with a deck of cards
  • Two Faced Mother FIRPer - a magician fooler that will have them cursing you
  • Any Card at Any Number -  amaze your fellow magicians, bore your friends
Book Cover
Nine of Diamonds Book Cover

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The Nine of Diamonds book is available as both a high-quality hardback book and a digitally signed eBook.


The hard-backed version of the Nine of Diamonds book was made available to the magic community in May 2012. This was a true labour of love by the group's members, made possible only due to their hard work and passion for the craft of close-up magic. It is available direct from the publisher by clicking the link on the left hand side.

It was very important to the team to have a book which, they hoped, would earn it's place on the book shelves of magicians worldwide alongside the many classics which we all own.


Following release, there was also many interested in the book who wanted something which was modern, portable and fitted in with the age of technology in which we all live. And so, the ebook version was born...

The updated text consists of:

  • the original book
  • table of contents fully hyper-linked to sleights and tricks
  • bookmarks to take you directly to a sleight, trick or chapter
  • instantly skip to a page of your choosing
  • references within the book are hyper-linked
  • fully compatible with your PC, Mac, iphone/ ipad and Android phone/ tablet (via Adobe Reader)

(Please note that the eBook is sent out manually within 24 hours of receiving payment.)

Thank you for considering purchasing this book, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to make contact via email.


"A book of excellent card and close-up material"

Peter Duffie (MAGIC Magazine)
August 2012

"Nicely designed and illustrated....a tribute to both the editors that it looks so good"

David Britland (Genii Magazine)
October 2012

"An insightful and informative time that is an enjoyable read... definite crowd pleaser"

Wayne Kawamoto
( Magic and Illusion)
December 2012

"This is a first-rate first volume - I'm looking forward to the next one!"

Phil Sweeting (
November 2012

"If you work through the material, you'll get a lot more enjoyment than from most similarly priced DVDs."

Gordon Meyer (
November 2012

"An excellent book filled with brilliant close up ideas, and I can only hope that this gets the sales and recognition it deserves."

Kyle MacNeill (The Magic Cafe)

The Authors

Mark Beecham

As a small child Mark was bitten by a radioactive Paul Harris*. While this didn’t give him any actual superpowers it did leave him with a great love of magic and the ability to come up with some truly odd and often completely unworkable ideas involving card magic. Things like cards that crumble into dust, shatter into pieces and decks that ooze with blood. Don't get him wrong he loves his knuckle busting sleights too and Charlie Miller would have riddled him with bullets because 90% of tricks seem to feature a faro shuffle. His favourite books are "The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley" by Stephen Minch.

*Legal: To our knowledge Paul Harris has never bitten any children and is a very nice man.

Neil Stirton

Neil has been studying card magic since 1998 and loves nothing more than having a bourbon in one hand and deck of cards in the other. Influences include Pit Hartling, Ricky Jay, Martin Nash, and of course the local card heroes of Scotland (of which there are many). Aside from loving being fooled heavily, often by kids half his age, he enjoys performing at conventions, late night sessions, and the discussion of all things “close-up”. Just don’t show him an egg bag routine...

Follow on Twitter @9DiamondsMagic for random musings and magic-related talk!

Paul Besly

Paul has been engaged in magic since a chance meeting at a BBQ, with a friend who blew him completely away. Quite by chance he worked 50 yards from International Magic in London, so there was an immediate wallet drain there. Classed as an enthusiastic amateur he gets plenty of opportunities in his day job to practise effects - indeed with the benefit of a captive audience. These opportunities demand a quick presentation, mostly without the chance to prepare a deck. You’ve probably guessed it’s the pasteboards for him, and his all-time favourite trick is Roy Walton’s Card Warp. His ultimate ambition is to remember more tricks than he forgets.

Luke Eaton

If you have ever met Luke, chances are he’s tried to jam something under your watch and pass it off as magic. Raised in St.Helens, Merseyside, Luke fostered a love of close-up magic as well as an urge to put things under watches. Luke studied chemistry at the University of Aberdeen, during which he started performing magic professionally. Now living in Edinburgh, Luke performs modern close-up all around the UK. Luke’s first book ‘Zen and the art of jamming stuff under watches’ was a huge success, having sold 3 copies (one of which was for his mum).

Tommy French

Thomas grew up on the sunny shores of Portugal but began his magic education in Scotland, when Éireann utterly stumped him back in 2002. He likes his magic up-close and personal, and he performs exclusively with pasteboards. He was once called a 'card snob', to which he replied, 'meh'. He is particularly enamoured of two-card transpositions, admires a well executed turnover pass, and, like many, suffers from ‘next book syndrome’.

Ian Kendall

Ian was bitten by the magic bug at his fifth birthday party. Several years later, after an abortive career as a commercial pilot, he began performing professionally and has amazed audiences all over the world. His three year column in M-U-M magazine, Basic Training, set a new standard for detail in how magic is taught, and he was awarded the Leslie P Guest Award for Excellence in Magic for his efforts. His magic tends to be concise and to the point, as you would expect from a repertoire developed in the trenches.

Éireann Leverett

Éireann Leverett straddles the Atlantic, genetically speaking. He was born in London, but raised in America. He has lived in Scotland for more than half his life, primarily because the beer and card tricks are better there. He is a global quality assurance vigilante by day, and magician by night. His magic tends to be casual walk around, and slow, intimate, and conversational in nature. He still loves to be fooled, which is why he spends so much time with the 'Nine of Diamonds'.


Our sincere and eternal thanks go to Lara Mattews (photos), Seth McAnespie (photos) and Leanda Xavian (cover design) for their expertise. They helped make this project possible, and without their generosity our book may never have happened.