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The Session

The Nine of Diamonds is first and foremost a close-up magic group. We meetup every Tuesday in the bar in the basement of a theatre in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. During these meetups we share stories, concepts, effects and general magic conversation over a few drinks. The focus is very much on friendly and informal discussion.

Our members cover the broad spectrum of magic, from professional workers to happy amateurs; but there is always an emphasis on sleight of hand and technique. Everyone is able to contribute in some way: be it through knowledge, experience or through thinking outside the box.

We have a fortnightly theme which encourages us all to learn or create an effect to increase our breadth of knowledge and encourage inspiration. These themes range from trick styles such as self-working or sleight heavy, effect types such as assemblies or card to pocket, right through to classic magicians repertoires such as Ed Marlo or Dai Vernon.

Of course, along side the theme of the week we brainstorm, session and develop effects we're working on. We try to be very open and honest with each other as that is the only way to really improve, both a specific effect or as magicians in general. Leaving one's ego at the door is advised.

Whilst we are honest with each other, criticism from comes because we want each other to make an effect the very best it can be, and we want to see each other progress as magicians. We love to be fooled, and we love to see what each other has developed - we are all passionate about magic and this means we love to see it grow and flourish.

Why did we create a magic group?

Every major city has formal magic groups and clubs such as magic circles and societies, which are a great way to gain a breadth of magic knowledge. (We recommend the Edinburgh Magic Circle for Edinburgh magicians.) But it also seems that that every large town or city has a gathering of magicians separate from these formal Assemblies – regular meetings where like minded enthusiasts meet to brainstorm, discuss and try out new routines in a safe and supportive environment. Chicago has Aronson, Bannon and Solomon, North Carolina has Sleight Club, New York has the Saturday Deli crowd, and London in the 50s and 60s had the Dealer’s Graveyard.

Less of an attempt to emulate these magic groups and more as a result of needing to get out of the house more, Edinburgh is no different: The Nine of Diamonds. We have been together since 2006 and there is an ever changing line up of guests as visiting magicians often get invited/dragged/kidnapped along.

The informal feeling of these gatherings is what we see as the key. We don't have membership fees, auditions or a charter - instead we turn up with a deck of cards and beer money and chill out with like-minded friends.


Want to come along?

Everyone is welcome to come along and see what we're about and join in. If you like us, keep coming back.

Send an email to: [email protected] and one of us will get back to you with details about our next session. Just bring a deck of cards, your enthusiasm for magic, and some drink money and you'll fit right in.