Saturday Session

(For Beginners)

The Saturday Session is a group aimed at beginner to intermediate card magicians. Launched with the same ethos as The Nine of Diamonds, the Saturday session is open to anyone and is about learning, sharing, and sessioning.

The Saturday session is a monthly session, every second Saturday morning of the month. We decided to make it monthly rather than weekly because when you're just getting started progress can be slower. Once a month means you'll have suitable time to practice and improve between each one.

Here at the Nine of Diamonds, we have always subscribed to the idea that magic should be accessible to all who want to learn. We're very socialist like that. But, it's very difficult for beginners to magic to access groups of like-minded people as there is typically a minimum requirement for entry.

This monthly session is not a training course or class in magic. However, members of the Nines will come along and be there to demonstrate moves, give coaching on what you're working on, and give guidance on where to look for more information and training.

Your development is very much self-guided. We recommend Card College as a place to start, and will often refer you to it for information and support.

If you're interested in coming along to these sessions, please get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] or using the contact us page.


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The Saturday session is a monthly meeting aimed at beginner to intermediate magicians who are looking to learn, share and session as they develop.

It is open to anyone but we expect you to be serious about learning and to drive your own study between monthly meetings.

How does it work?
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Learning magic is always going to be a self-guided process. We can't tell you what to find interesting or engaging about magic. You might absolutely love learning a new sleight, or maybe you love performing, maybe you love to flourish and show off, or perhaps you just want to learn good card handling technique to show off at the next poker game.

Our Saturday session is intended to be a forum for discussion, guidance, sharing, and peer learning. As well as on occasion being a place to get coaching from more experienced magicians.

To be honest, it's exactly like the Nines of Diamonds but pitched at a level more suitable for beginners and where most of the people coming along are beginners.

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The Saturday session is open to anyone who would consider themselves a student of magic and who would fit in beginner to intermediate stage. 

Members of the Nines will come each month to provide support, advice and coaching on what you're working on. And give guidance on where to look for more information. We'll also work to help you on performance/presentation technique so that you can show what you've learned to your friends, and make it more than just a quick trick 🙂

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Getting into magic can feel quite lonely. You join groups on Facebook and maybe the odd forum, like The Magic Cafe, but it's hard to get coaching and advice on what to read/watch and how to practice. Let alone advice on how you to improve your own technique.

The Nine of Diamonds has always fostered an open doors policy for close up magic, and we want to encourage everyone to get involved. But our weekly intermediate group isn't always the most suitable for beginners - leaving them feeling inspired but pressured to improve.

So we decided to start doing Saturday sessions as the little sibling for beginners. 

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The Saturday session will be held on the second Saturday of every month.

We decided to make it monthly rather than weekly like the Nines so that you have the opportunity to practice and study between each of the meets. Progress can feel slower when you're first starting out - so the monthly timescale means you'll be able to show a marked improvement at each meeting.

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To join the Saturday session group, please get in touch via our contact page or email us at [email protected]